What you should know about CS:GO skins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a shooter that is both simple and complex. The entry threshold into the game is as low as possible. It’s enough to download a basic free version of CS:GO on your PC and you are already running around the map, shooting your enemies. Although, in order to bring your way to the skill of the game will take years. The thing is that the legendary shooter from Valve has so many different nuances, to understand which is almost impossible without watching tutorial videos and studying the manuals. 

Since the release of the first part of the CS:GO franchise has been more than 20 years. For the computer games industry – it is akin to eternity. With the development of technology on the market came out the next parts of the shooter on more and more advanced graphics engines. As a result, it would seem a simple shooter has acquired a colorful and multifaceted story. Moreover, the mechanics of CS:GO has changed. As a consequence, in 2020, those who are just getting acquainted with the shooter, there are a lot of trivial questions. But they are trivial only at first glance. After reading this material to the end, you will learn what is the quality of CS:GO skins, or deteriorating CS:GO skins over time. You can also buy skins here.

Can CS:GO skins wear off over time?

The answer is no. The fact that CS GO skins deteriorate over time is just a silly myth believed by some newcomers who encounter Valve’s in-game items for the first time. The truth is that each CS:GO skin is assigned a degree of wear and tear and a pattern index during drop or case opening. Once a skin is in your inventory its quality will never, under any circumstances, change as long as the shooter itself! No matter how long you use a CS:GO skin, whether it has a sticker or not, whether it has a unique pattern or not – the quality of the skin will not change! 

What are the degrees of wear on CS GO skins?

To be fair, let’s list the five main degrees of wear on CS GO skins. So, there are these degrees of wear on skins: 

  • Factory New – 0.01 – 0.07;
  • Minimal Wear – 0.07 – 0.15;
  • Field-Tested – 0.15 – 0.38;
  • Well-Worn – 0.38 – 0.45 ;
  • Battle-Scarred – 0.45 – 1.

Regardless of the number of matches you played, the degree of wear of the skin will never change. As a rule, a Factory New quality skin is 30-50% more expensive than Field-Tested or Well-Worn skins. A Battle-Scarred skin may even be 70-80% cheaper than its brand-new counterpart. It all depends on the specific skin model. Remember that the level of wear and tear on CS:GO skins is not the only factor that determines the market value of CS:GO skins.  

What are my chances of getting a Mythical skin while playing?

You may be very surprised, but it’s impossible to get a rare Mythical skin just by dropping virtual CS:GO items. But if you do not want to give up, then save some money and buy the keys to the popular CS:GO loot boxes that have long been gathering dust in your inventory. When you open the cases, you’re more likely to drop a rarer skin. You can even get a StatTrak skin as a result of an open case. And if you hit the jackpot, a very rare item can add to your inventory. The cost per key on Steam is fixed at $2.5. Moreover, during special events, the chances of getting valuable skins increase significantly. Unfortunately, special events in CS:GO do not happen very often. 

For those who do not want to wait there is an alternative option – buying skins on one of the well-known trading platforms, such as this site. This is if you clearly know the name and parameters of the skin of your dreams. But since we’re talking about skins from a higher price range, let’s note that expensive skins can be a great solution.