Helpful Tips

Thinking about re-designing your site?
Here are a few helpful hints when choosing a good design company:

  • Ask to see a portfolio. Do not only judge the quality of a design firm’s work based on their own website… it might be the best they have ever done!
  • Remember that good design is very important. Studies have shown that website users judge a website within a fraction of a second!
  • Try not to judge based solely on a design firm’s graphic design capabilities alone. Online web design is a whole different ball game than graphic design meant for print.
  • Although cost is always a factor, do not necessarily go with the lowest bidder – you get what you pay for! Somewhere in the middle is always best.
  • Look for a design company that asks good questions and seems genuinely interested in your company and what you would like to achieve from your site.
  • Be aware that website hosting should not cost more than $10 per month. If you are paying more than this, you are paying too much!
  • Find out about copyright and ownership of your site! This is very important. Years from now you do not want to discover that the site you paid for is a site you do not own.
  • Ask about maintenance options and hidden costs. What will the charges be if you need an update to your site months down the road?
  • Ask about search engine optimization packages (SEO). See # 5. A good design company should ask what you would like to achieve from your site in terms of marketing and provide you with a few options.
  • Lastly, try to choose a design company that is available to meet on your time for face-to-face meetings. Trying to design a website for an overseas client can be a horrible ordeal for all parties involved. It is usually best to stick with a designer that you can meet with in person to go over any questions, concerns or changes you might want done to your site.