How to find a reliable DevOps services provider

DevOps benefits are numerous and indisputable, so more and more companies try to adopt DevOps workflows in their daily IT operations. However, the market demand surpasses the supply by far. How to find reliable DevOps services providers then? IT Svit (, the leading Managed DevOps services provider in Ukraine, shares its view on the topic.

In order to get something done well, do it yourself — this saying is no more relevant nowadays. We need too much done to be able to learn everything. Therefore, the maxima sound like this nowadays: do what you do best, outsource the rest. Managed DevOps services providers like IT Svit are professionals with ample experience in successfully accomplishing various projects. This ensures time-to-market reduction for your project as well. To say more, while all projects are uniques, each and every one of them has some similar parts. Therefore, applying a solution that worked once can save a ton of time and money and allow you to avoid reinventing the wheel.

However, all the above is applicable only to a situation where the same team has worked for several years together, has learned to do lots of things and accumulated significant experience in infrastructure configuration and management. This way they will be able to apply their previous knowledge to various new projects — and IT Svit team is just like that.

However, it is hard to know from a glance if a team you selected is trustworthy or not. Therefore, you need an assessment framework, and today we provide it to you. Here is how to find a reliable DevOps services provider.

  1. Contact AWS or Google Cloud support online and ask them how to best implement your project idea using their services. It is free and they will provide pretty accurate estimates and evaluations.
  2. You can even go full-throttle with them, but this will lead to vendor lock-in and possible overpayment, as all of their services are paid for, while some of them can easily be replaced with open-source free alternatives, thus saving you a fortune in the long run.
  3. Once you have a list of tools and skills required to implement your project, google for them online — and you will be able to form a list of freelancers, teams and agencies providing these services. Look for their ratings on independent platforms like UpWork, TopTal, Clutch, GoodFirms and others. Read the reviews of their previous customers and try to contact them directly to get firsthand feedback on their outsourcing experience. This will help you shortlist several teams that will meet your budget limitations and provide the required technical expertise.
  4. Ask these companies to showcase past projects similar to the one you are planning. There is no way all of them are covered by NDA and even NDA cannot prohibit to showcase the project outcome unanimously. Reliable DevOps service providers will be able to showcase several successfully completed projects with ease.
  5. Perform several technical calls with the teams to evaluate their professionalism and attitudes. Don’t trust the teams that claim they can do anything. Trustworthy companies warn you if they don’t have the required expertise at hand. For example, IT Svit does not provide mobile app development, but we are experts in web development, Big Data analytics and DevOps processes.

Good teams with ample hands-on experience in similar projects will be able to highlight possible challenges in advance and propose solutions for them proactively. This will also help evaluate their personal attitudes and soft skills to ease future communication.

Thus said, finding a reliable DevOps services provider is not too complicated, it just requires some time, effort and diligence. However, once you find such a partner, you are in for a long and fruitful collaboration!